What Are The Different Types Of Dental Emergencies?

Identifying A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is defined as a situation wherein you are in severe pain and need immediate dental assistance to free you from such pain. Such dental emergencies need to be attended by a qualified Emergency Dentist Hamilton to avoid any permanent damages. Find out more here to know how important dentists are.

Not every dental pain can be called emergencies as most of the dental issues could be minor and can wait until the next working day. However, it is important to identify whether the pain is severe and considered an emergency. How will you identify a dental emergency? The answer is simple. If you are experiencing severe pain or have lost a tooth, or have any swelling around your gums, one can say that it is a dental emergency.

Types Of Dental Emergencies


Everyone has experienced a toothache at least once in their life. The common cause for experiencing toothache could be an injury or a cavity. For treating toothache, a dentist will study your medical history first to know whether you have diabetes or blood pressure. Then they will conduct an oral examination to identify the root cause of the pain. They might also ask you questions such as when you started having the pain. If you have a toothache accompanied by fever and it has been more than two days, it should be considered an emergency, and you need to consult your dentists as soon as possible.

Chipped Teeth

Many of us have gone through dental issues such as broken, fractured, or chipped teeth. It is quite important to consult your dentist when you have such issues as delay in treating the broken teeth can result in infection, and you could lose your tooth. If you are in pain, try some home remedies such as

  • a. Taking over-the-counter painkiller
  • b. Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.


If you are up with a toothache and unbearable pain at night, it means there is more than a normal toothache. Abscesses are infections within a tooth and the pain means that the infection has spread around the root. A qualified dentist can help you in such emergencies, if you consult them as soon as possible. If you prefer not to treat the abscesses, it can lead to many major issues.

Lost Crowns

It is not considered an emergency if you have lost crowns or fillings. However, if you have a sensitive tooth, it can be painful. Once you know that you lost a crown, fix an appointment with your dentist as early as possible. If you do not take care of such situations, infections can lead to severe pain.

Missing Teeth

Every adult between 20-64 years of age has experienced missing or decayed teeth. If you are one of them, then there are many reasons to fix the issue. If proper care is not given, it is possible to have bone loss around the decayed or missing tooth.

Dental pain is considered one of the worst pain by many people. Giving proper dental care and consulting your dentists at regular intervals can help you have great oral health.

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